Under Maths, units are usually represented with numerals. But under a certain sort of Maths, they are too shown with alphabets. This is Algebra. They have no accurate value. x remains unknown, until we solve it.

Many people have a doubt how Algebra is used in real life, and rather take it as useless. They are very wrong as Algebra is used almost everywhere. Solving everything with numerals won’t help in unknown problems and equations and many more.

Algebra is used in the making of decisions about health, finance and money matters. It is used in financial planning when algebraic…

Have you ever came across moments in your chilhood when your parents will not allow you to proceed in doing somethings needless or rather hazardous. Now obviously, we are aware and cautious why we were prohibited so. But when vulnerable, risky things happen in the digital world, we have no guards. If we are much experienced and wise in the real world, why can’t we be as much so in the digital world ? To start off your experience and secureness in the online world, we need to acknowledge the basic concept of Phishing. …

It was Saturday, afternoon, I ought it to be noonish(warm) for it was noon, the Sun closest to mankind, but no. It started from pours of light drizzles, and heavier rain drops, and following came the heavy rainfall blessed by God.

Drip, Drop , the sound came presently before the people. The people warmly tucked inside bed, sheltered with a thick layer of blanket. Some snoozing and some slumbering, while some frightened by the roaring, thunderous noises made by the weather.

Eventually all dozed. Then, the whole village was asleep. The pavements, roads, and streets were flooding with pure rain…


Salamanders are amphibians. They are small lizards

Legnth: 3.9- 7.9 IN (10–20cm)

Salamanders are carnivores whose diets consist of- Snails, worms & fish.

Its body has a cylindrical trunk as well as four limbs, and a long tail.

If they lose and limbs or any other damaged parts, they can regenerate it !

To be unnoticeable from their predators by having cryptic bodies.

They catch their prey by flicking out their tounge and catches it prey(food)

Their tounges are 10 times as long as their bodies.

Some Salamenderes can be poisonous and have sharp teeth.

According to some study, they…

Mufeed Afraz

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